Volunteer in Vietnam with Friends for Asia

FFA Vietnam Volunteer Insurance

We understand that there’s a certain amount of uncertainty – even apprehension – involved in international travel.

Safety is a top priority at all of our project sites, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our volunteers receive the support they need to thrive while on assignment.

Children's Hospital Volunteering in Vietnam

Every volunteer assignment and internship begins with an orientation program that includes tips on staying safe, healthy and out of harm’s way. On top of that, Friends for Asia provides Accident and Injury coverage to all volunteers and interns that are actively participating in one of our projects.

This coverage is intended to add an extra layer of protection for our volunteers, offering compensation to anyone who suffers from a serious injury or accident.

Serious accidents are beyond rare, and our volunteers are more than likely to complete their service without ever giving a moment’s thought to their coverage. That being said, the policy doesn’t cost them a thing. FFA handles the details (and pays the premiums) so that – in the unlikely event that something unfortunate happens – you’ll be covered.

Volunteer lunch in Hanoi, Vietnam

It’s important to keep in mind that this is not medical insurance. It compensates covered persons for physical (i.e. ‘bodily’) losses that they experience due to an accident or injury while enrolled in one of Friends for Asia’s volunteer projects. That being said, the compensation that an injured person receives is theirs to do with as they please, and it could certainly be used to take care of medical bills.
It is our sincere wish and hope that no one enrolled in any of our projects suffers any sort of trauma or accident while volunteering with us. That being said, should misfortune strike, our volunteers are covered. We wouldn’t dream of settling for anything less.

Additional Details about FFA Volunteer Insurance