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Volunteer Vietnam – Volunteering in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam

There’s something special about volunteering in Hanoi. Certainly a little culture shock is inevitable as one acclimatizes to the heat, the traffic and the unique sounds and smells in Vietnam’s capital city. However, once its charm hits home (and it will hit home) Hanoi is a city to fall in love with.

While it is always a fascinating place to visit, volunteering in Hanoi adds an extra element that cannot be found on an organized tour or the backpacker trail. Our Vietnam volunteers truly immerse themselves in Hanoi life, living amongst and working with the local people.

Above all else, it is the real and lasting contribution that volunteering in Hanoi makes to the lives of the city’s most disadvantaged that sets this apart as an experience that is not to be missed. Our Hanoi volunteers return year after year.


Vietnam Volunteer

Situated in northern Vietnam, Hanoi offers easy access to some of the country’s greatest treasures. Our volunteers work at hospitals and monasteries dotted around the city, and live in either our volunteers’ house (projects under two months) or with a Vietnamese family (projects over two months).

Our projects

We offer three projects to suit volunteers from all walks of life. All of our projects focus on helping the most disadvantaged children in Hanoi, whether teaching in a monastery orphanage or caring for kids at a hospital. Projects are designed to make a real difference to the lives of our children while providing a unique and rewarding experience for volunteers. To view our current project offerings, please visit our Projects Page.


NGO - Vietnam Volunteer Project

We offer two accommodation options to our Hanoi volunteers: volunteer house (for stays less than 2 months) or home stay (for stays more than 2 months). Accommodation at our volunteer house is basic, but comfortable. The house has toilets, a communal kitchen, a living room and sleeping areas. The accommodation is shared with Vietnamese and foreign volunteers and all cooking and cleaning duties are shared. For those volunteering in Vietnam for more than 2 months we offer accommodation at the homes of local Vietnamese volunteers. We select comfortable and welcoming homes where at least one member of the family can speak English.


By European or North American standards it’s hot in Hanoi all year around. It gets hottest in summer, between May and September, with plenty of rain and temperatures reaching 33C. The dry season runs from November to March and is noticeably cooler, with daytime temperatures dipping below 20C in January.